Coral, Fish, Balance

In this video Seafriendlyreef talks about coral growing to large and creating less space for fish to swim. It is an interesting subject that I am sure a lot of people forget to consider when they first start stacking sticks in their tanks with a full stock list of fish. I have never run inContinue reading “Coral, Fish, Balance”

Two Gay Reefers Get Their Lion to Eat!

If you keep up with their channel (if you don’t you should), you would know that Two Gay Reefers were having trouble getting their little Radiata Lion fish to eat. In this video they finally solve the mystery with a really cool and unique solution. Check it out! I bet you would never guess whatContinue reading “Two Gay Reefers Get Their Lion to Eat!”

George Visits Underground Coral Dealers of Singapore

This was a really awesome episode of Coralfish12g where George continues his travels in Singapore. This time we get to see some really awesome little coral shops with some amazing coral (check out the trachys!). Interesting thing is, a lot of these shops get their corals from Australia as opposed to their neighboring Indonesia. CheckContinue reading “George Visits Underground Coral Dealers of Singapore”